Choir Dinner Theater 12-6-14

The choir department has been preparing for the 35th annual Dinner Theater show on December 6th in the commons. Choir members as well as the teachers are working, making sure every aspect of the show will be perfect, from the performance to the meal the guests will eat.

The theme, “Rock of Ages,” came about during the summer when the choir officers brainstormed possible themes. This is also the theme of the banners in the classroom. Some of the songs they will sing are “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Wither, and more.

Ever since their Fall Concert ended, each class period and choir group has been steadily rehearsing, learning the music, and the moves. One class that stood out to one of the choir directors Anna Schermerhorn, was Eagles Nest.

“We have a small amount of kids from each group so we can kinda’ get an idea of what it will sound like when we combine everyone together,” she said. Based on rehearsals she says the choir, over all, will do great.

She said she hopes there will be around 200 hundred people in the audience. One concern of Schermerhorn’s is ticket sales, since this year they are using a different method of selling the tickets. In the past students would have been issued physical tickets to hand to the customer as they made their purchase, but this year all sales are by pre-order only. She, as well as other choir members, have been busy hanging posters, and asking everyone to attend the show.

The 1st week of December, the choir will be staying afterschool for late night rehearsals where they will piece together the choreography and the music. The choreography was put together by an individually contracted choreographer Kathleen Bartley. A few of the newer choir members say they can’t quite keep up with the moves, but they believe they should have it down in time for the show.

The meal of the night will be Chicken Cordon Blu. A head count for the audience was sent in yesterday to see how many meals will be provided. According to directors, they say the meal and show will be worth the cost of the ticket.

Schermerhorn said she would like to keep the tradition of Dinner Theater going as “the event to go to” by pleasing the audience. The Dinner Theater show is the one show every year that is geared more toward the community and the student’s families.

“It’s frustrating,” she said, many people think all the students and teachers do is come to school to prepare and study for the EOC, “but other things are happening. Life is going on here,” so that is a reason why the choir directors put shows like Dinner Theater. It shows that other things are going on other than testing.

“The amount of ticket sales is really encouraging,” Schermerhorn said. The entire choir department hopes to see everyone attend the show.