Pull-up Challenge


Sargent Albert Chapa, recruiter for the United States Marines, brought a challenge to Klein Forest students on September 10th, 2015. During all lunches, he set up a pull up bar to allow students and faculty to test their strength by doing as many pull ups as they could. If you were able to complete the challenge by completing at least 7 pull ups, then you were allowed to take home a Marines poster or sticker.
Andrew Reyes, 12, was one of many to complete the challenge. He did a total of 10 pull ups, and he plans on joining the Marines after graduation this year.
“I’ve wanted to join the service since my freshman year,” he said. “It’s just something I’ve wanted to do.”
This was the first time in many years that Sgt. Chapa has brought the bar to Klein forest. By bringing this to school, and informing students about joining the military service, he hopes to help encourage and inspire students to do well in their post-high school lives.
“I’m trying to help students achieve goals in life. I want to make sure that after graduation they’re not working dead end jobs,” Sgt. Chapa said. “I love helping out people, especially young students.”
Andrew Reyes, 12