Brooke Goodwin shows up on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram

Senior takes #hitthequanchallenge


Brooke Goodwin captured a screen shot of her on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram page taking the #hitthequanchallenge

Tears of happiness strolled down both sides of my red-blushed cheeks, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “This couldn’t be?!” is all I kept thinking. I was aware of my fame from the popular “hit the quan” dance video, but I wasn’t aware it had gotten into the hands of a legend.

July 20, approximately 5:00pm, I was riding home with my parents, scrolling through Instagram as I came across a dance challenge that had been trending across social media for about three weeks. Since this was the first time viewing the admired challenge, I pressed play and thought about how basic the dance moves were. “I could do this with ease” I thought.

As soon as I stepped my black & white huaraches out of our blue Mistibushi, I hollered at my mom to catch my phone and record me dancing. “Get in front of the garage,” Mother suggested. I walked over to the off-white garage and checked for good lighting. Mom gave me a thumbs up as the music began. I went through the movements, making them my own instead of copying the same basic moves everyone else was doing. The 15 seconds of dancing was up, I walked to grab my phone smiling at how good it feels to dance. “That was so good!” my mom said. But she’s my mom, she has to think that.

I posted the dance video challenge on Instagram at approximately 5:45pm the same afternoon with the caption: “#HitTheQuanChallenge.” I continued my daily routine… That was until my phone blew up so much I had to turn my Instagram notifications off. I had over 200 likes, 83 comments, and three shares only an hour after I posted the video, my Instagram was going CRAZY.

“Are you serious?” I thought to myself, laughing at how I didn’t even take the dance seriously. Everything jumped to light as soon as I got my first serious repost from the popular dance page, “2015dances”, which has over 20k followers. Then, I got another repost from another popular page, and another and another. They were non-stop. I was jumping with joy… or should I say, dancing with joy.

Finally, at about 10:00pm, I laid my head down on my black and pink zebra pillow. I checked all of my social media’s and messages as I always do before I go to sleep. This is when everything changed to another level. “OMG BROOKE HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!” a friend from Instagram commented. I clicked on the comment and it took me to Snoop Dogg’s Instagram page. The famous rap legend, Snoop Dogg, had reposted “MY” dance challenge video. Nobody else’s, but MINE.

I felt completely numb. I had no idea what to think, I was just thrilled with a happy and surreal feeling. Although, he didn’t say anything about the video or even know it was me dancing in the video, it was the fact that he even noticed it and took the time to repost it… I mean, its “SNOOP DOGG”!

So, I took multiple screen shots of the post and gave snoop dogg a shout out, saying, “even if he never notices that’s me dancing in that video, it is such an incredible honor that a legendary rapper has reposted and noticed only my dance challenge video. It’s literally a dream come true.”

I’ve been dancing for nine years (and I don’t come from very much) so it means the world to me that I have fans and a legend noticed me. Thank you everybody for the support and Snoop Dogg, thank you for being amazing.

Good night everyone.”