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Student News Site of Klein Forest High School

The Pinnacle

Student News Site of Klein Forest High School

The Pinnacle

Looking on from the sideline, Coach Cary Black observes the action from the ongoing game.

A Golden Legacy

Christopher Alvarez, Writer February 13, 2024

The buzzer blares, the boys basketball team pulls off another win in a very close showdown. Coach Cary Black, thinking that this is only an ordinary win, walks to the locker room, only to be jumped at...

A behind view of Juan Durans and senior Noemi Campuzanos gameplay.

Gamers play “Mario Tennis” to support club fundraiser

Emillie Siv, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2024

Editor's Note: Story was updated to add additional photos with captions. Sounds of hammering thumbs on controllers ring out in Juan Duran’s room as gamers walk in the door. On the screen, is “Mario...

Juniors Kennedi Nguyen, Emily Vo, and Hayley Tu teach Greenwood Elementary students about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

‘Mental health is health’

Joanne Bach, Writer January 4, 2024

Juniors Hayley Tu and Kennedi Nguyen approach the swarm of students in the halls of Klein Forest to put a positive thought on their minds: “What is one thing you can do to make yourself proud today?”  Yesterday,...

An image of the light crews set up during The Diviners rehearsal.

Behind the scenes of “The Diviners”

Emillie Siv, Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2023

The first thing the audience hears as they step into the auditorium are the country instrumentals. As the crowd anticipates the show, hearts pound with adrenaline backstage, ready to kickstart the show....

With a proud smile on his face, Adrian Sendejas holds his hand out to freshman Nathaly Jarquin to give her a high-five for her work.

English teacher soars with positivity at new school

Emillie Siv, Editor in Chief September 26, 2023

When students enter Adrian Sendejas' classroom, he greets his students with a bright smile and an accompanying fist bump or handshake. They sit wherever they please, tables pushed together in groups as...

Jack smiles for a photoshoot.

Therapy dog introduced to Klein Forest

Joanne Bach, Writer September 20, 2023

Jackson Avery Ordanes, also known as Jack the Therapy Dog, stretches himself awake; he waits for the jingle of his harness and the two words, “Let’s go.”  “He's happy,” Mental Health Specialist...

At the end of the last song with the all-combined orchestra, Mamie Morlacci throws her hands up and smiles.

Ohana Forever

Geraldine Cruz-Hernandez, Writer May 30, 2023

During the last couple of minutes of second period, head orchestra director Mamie Morlacci delivered astonishing news. The silent room filled with shock as Morlacci announced her plans to “graduate”...

Junior Andy Soto poses with his guitar, a 12-string Takamine acoustic.

Grupo Destino’s Climb To Fame

Kevin Garcia, Writer April 12, 2023

Junior Andy Soto sits on a low stone wall while he plucks his 6-string acoustic guitar. Freddy Dad, his bandmate, stands tall next to his upright bass. The two are practicing under a setting sun, playing...

African American Heritage Society’s (AAHS) flag honoring Black History Month surrounded in a balloon arch.

AAHS Chooses “Love over Hate” for Black History Month

Emillie Siv, Writer February 28, 2023

As students entered the high school, they were welcomed by National Art Honor Society’s Black History Month window paintings and African American Heritage Society’s posters that exhibit the “Love...

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