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Gamers play “Mario Tennis” to support club fundraiser

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  • Junior Ibrahim Syed and Juan Duran play “Mario Tennis” on Duran’s Nintendo 64 for the esports fundraiser.

  • Junior Ibrahim Syed and Juan Duran play “Mario Tennis” on Duran’s Nintendo 64 for the esports fundraiser.

  • A back view of the gameplay screen of “Mario Tennis” showing a replay.

  • Esports treasurer, senior Daniella Ramirez Hernandez and esports member senior Joaquin Najera-Escamilla watches the “Mario Tennis” gameplay.

  • Focusing on the game in front of them, senior Noemi Campuzano challenges Juan Duran to a game for the esports fundraiser.

  • A behind view of Juan Duran’s and senior Noemi Campuzano’s gameplay.

  • After watching other students play, junior Rosalina Hernandez pays $5 to go against Juan Duran for a set of four to 10 games. Senior esports treasurer Daniella Ramirez Hernandez made sure Hernandez filled out the form properly.

  • With a smile, junior Rosalinda Hernandez tries her best to beat Juan Duran in a game of “Mario Tennis.”

  • Juan Duran, one out of the two esports sponsors, presents his self-written raffle drawing program.

  • A wide shot view of the esports raffle ticket drawing with the first winner awarding itself to junior Rosalinda Hernandez.

  • Presenting the three winners of the raffle drawing, Juan Duran points out the students at the end of esports fundraiser.

  • Seniors Noemi Campuzano, Manuel Reyes, Reymundo Ramos, junior Jasmine Mai, and senior Joaquin Najera-Escamilla clap for the winners with smiles.

Editor’s Note: Story was updated to add additional photos with captions.

Sounds of hammering thumbs on controllers ring out in Juan Duran’s room as gamers walk in the door. On the screen, is “Mario Tennis” played on an old-school Nintendo 64. As long as the students paid, they had a chance to go against Duran for the first esports fundraiser for the year.

The fundraiser concluded on Jan. 19 and the club raised a total of $171.25 with 18 unique participants, and 39 purchases of game sets.

“This is our most successful fundraiser we’ve had in several years,” Duran said. “I am very proud of my students for organizing such an event.”

The winners were chosen through a raffle drawing and received a $50 gift card of their choice. They were senior Noemi Campuzano and juniors Jasmine Mai and Rosalinda Hernandez.

“I got the Nintendo $50 gift card,” Hernandez said. “I was surprised because I didn’t think I’d win. I barely started playing on the very last day of the fundraiser but I did get 23 tickets in one go so that gave me a huge advantage.”

The fundraiser lets students support the club as well as getting some insight on what esports is all about while having a good time. The esports community worked hard to advertise and some members even partaken in the event dueling the sponsor.

“It was pretty fun since I am a fan of the Mario games and getting a chance to go against [Duran] even after I heard that he’s apparently unbeaten,” freshman Jonathan Lopez said. “I was excited, I was like, ‘someone I could have a challenge against.’”

The club is completely self-funded and students have to pay to join some competitions, which can be limiting. Sufficient funds would increase student participation in various matches, and also allow them to also look forward to getting new lab equipment, member t-shirts, and growing their club population. 

“For the club, we want to get more acknowledgment out there,” club president senior Reymundo Ramos said. “I think the club could be a lot more than what it is now; we could really hit the big leagues on the esports community and make an impact.”

After a successful fundraiser, members feel thrilled as their morale heightens as they advance their club to the next level.

There is a new energy in the club right now where the officers and members all seem very excited for the upcoming season and feel that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to,” Duran said. “I am happy to see them so motivated.”

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