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English teacher soars with positivity at new school

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  • Freshman Skye Doucet calls over her teacher, Adrian Sendejas, for help on an assignment in Schoology. Pfalin Stark, freshman, sat beside and listened to the instructions as well.

  • Catching up on some late work, freshman Nathaly Jarquin checks with Adrian Sendejas about her digital characterization cards assignment.

  • With a proud smile on his face, Adrian Sendejas holds his hand out to freshman Nathaly Jarquin to give her a high-five for her work.

  • Adrian Sendejas stands in the back of his classroom as students draws their eyes to the SmartBoard to watch a one minute video.

  • With their eyes focusing on the Smart Board, freshmen Francisco Vasquez Orellana, Andrew Martinez, Cherrish Parker, Tram Hong and Peyton Thomas takes in the video’s content.

  • As he presses the pause button, Adrian Sendejas starts to explain the video to his students.

  • With his hands up, Adrian Sendejas expressively describes his lesson plan.

  • After a student asked him a question, Adrian Sendejas calls for the class’ attention. He clarified instructions for an assignment he posted on Schoology.

  • After his student, freshman Arok Atem created a mantra that states, “I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re okay, it’s okay,” Adrian Sendejas incorporates it to his slideshow. Sendejas explained the mantra to his students.

  • Looking at the picture that presents itself by his student’s mantra, Adrian Sendejas gives his students an update on Talon the dog, a dog who found its way on KF campus. Talon is now part of Sendejas’ dog rescue that he and his wife run.

  • After giving each other a high-five, freshman Mi’Angel McCall walks into Adrian Sendejas’ room before the bell rings.

  • Stopping by to say hello, freshman Madyson Smith shakes Adrian Sendejas’ hand before heading off to her sixth period. Smith does not have Sendejas as a teacher but often stopped by to say hello.

  • After the initial handshake, Adrian Sendejas and freshman Madyson Smith gives each other a hug with bright smiles on their faces.

  • Adrian Sendejas sits on the table while posing for the camera.

  • Adrian Sendejas poses by his front door, awaiting his students to come in to start the day. Behind him is his bulletin board that is labeled, “Lord of the Flies,” after the book his classes are currently reading.

  • Adrian Sendejas points to the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook on YouTube that the class listens to along with reading a physical copy of the book.

  • With the book in his left hand, Adrian Sendejas poses as he stands next to his Smart Board displaying the audiobook for “Lord of the Flies.”

  • English I KP teacher, Adrian Sendejas poses with his bookshelves, located in the back of the classroom where he frequently stands to teach.

When students enter Adrian Sendejas’ classroom, he greets his students with a bright smile and an accompanying fist bump or handshake. They sit wherever they please, tables pushed together in groups as conversations echo off of the classroom walls.

After spending his 13 years in Houston ISD, Sendejas decided to restart at Klein Forest, as an English I KP teacher, because he wanted a shorter commute. Students know it’s going to be a good day in his class when people are “moving around and talking to their friends.”

 “I don’t want my kids to think school has to be a place of being solitary,” Sendejas said. “It should be an experience in which you talk to each other and we all contribute.”

His students participate in collaborative learning where they interact with their peers and present their ideas because Sendejas urges his students to “throw their ideas out” and to speak up about their thoughts.

“When he calls on somebody, I’ll be one of the people to ask to answer [a question] and he hypes you up and gives you points for it,” freshman Ja’Myyah Jones said.“I like a teacher that [can] be there for you.” 

Along with peer interaction, he also incorporates activities that let his students be creative. He said he’d rather let the class be student-run and be the “guide on the side” and not the “sage on the stage.”

“His teaching style makes the class a lot better,” freshman Joseph Martinez said. “It lets me be myself. Since everybody has the same energy, it lets me feel like I belong.”

English skills, in Sendejas’ opinion, are easiest to apply to situations outside the classroom.

“You may not think answering a short-answer response with a specific method translates into the real-world, but when someone asks you a question, it’s good to be thorough, to understand and have evidence to prove your point,” Sendejas said.

Sendejas’ endless positivity and open mindset rubs off on everyone he meets. Freshman Francisco Vasquez Orellana said Sendejas is like a “comforting parent.”

“He teaches us like we’re equals to him and with a lot of respect so it’s something I like a lot about him,” Vasquez said.

Amongst his co-workers, Sendejas is nicknamed “Sugar-Rush” because he brings candy to all his meetings. He also brings a never-ending stream of questions during conferences allowing him to better reach his students and gain new outlooks from his colleagues.

 “I haven’t seen a teacher quite that enthusiastic, in some time, since day one,” English I teacher Kathryn Oderinde said. “He’s given me a new perspective and it’s refreshing. He brings life back into our team.”

Sendejas believes his role is to set his students up for future successes. He strives to make his kids regain their ability to wonder.

“My goal is to help them continue to think critically,” Sendejas said. “To see the endless possibilities of things they can do and to make them good, respectful, citizens of this school.” 

Conversation dies down as lively students realize it’s time to leave their English block period. Wishing they had more time, the freshmen walked out with confidence to tell their own stories.

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  • D

    Deserae ValdezSep 29, 2023 at 10:18 pm

    This article has blown up on Facebook. Some of the kids that sit in his class including myself, have nothing but good things to say. The most amazing teacher there is out here.

  • C

    Chrystal HemphillSep 29, 2023 at 12:49 pm

    His energy is infectious and his care for people is genuine. I’m so glad he’s part of the KF family.

  • N

    Natasha VyasSep 26, 2023 at 1:38 pm

    I’ve known this man since we were in high school and his passion for writing and PEOPLE was strong even back then! It’s no surprise he’s bringing such positivity and love to KF. As a former KI teacher, I’m so happy that KF has a teacher like him!

  • S

    Shayla DeanSep 26, 2023 at 10:16 am

    We are Blessed to have Mr. Sendejas as part of the ENG I team! And I am double Blessed because he is also my daughter’s ENG teacher, one of the classes she looks forward to going to! ??
    Amazing Job Mr. Sendejas