French Students Compete in Symposium


Over 900 students from around the state participated in the Texas French Symposium hosted by KF March 27 – 28. This contest is the French version of UIL with all stages of the competition completed in one weekend. The level of competition is “very high and the top prizes are trips to France” according to Madame Karen Watson, French teacher.

The following students placed in the contest:

Poetry: Preliminaries, Angela Bert, Fr 1 3rd place, Kristen Shotton, Fr 1 1st place, Alexis Alonso Fr 2, 3rd place and Jair Gonzalez, Fr 3 1st place. In semi-finals Shotton and Gonzalez both placed third. They both also received a medal for placing third overall in poetry.

Prose: Preliminaries, Kristen Shotton, Fr 1  3rd place, Alexis Alonso, Fr 2 4th place, Kennedy Baldwin, Fr 2 4th place and Dqaniela Martagon, Fr 2 3rd place.

Guided Speaking: Preliminaries, Alexis Alonso, Fr 2 1st place, Chyanne Blackwood, Fr 3 5th place, Odaliz Cardozo, Fr 3 2nd place, Claire Duong, Fr 4 3rd place. Alonso place first in the Semi-finals.

Sight Reading: Daniela Velazquez, Fr 2 5th palce, Chyanne Blackwood, Fr 3 3rd place, Dana Goodman, Fr 3 4th place, Daniela Orta, Fr 3 3rd place.

Drama Solo: Preliminaries, Alexandria Beckford, Fr 2 2nd place, Olga Luna, Fr 3 3rd place.

Vocal Group: Alexis Alonso, Amy Duong, Daniela Martagan , Annnie Nguyen and Daniela Velazquez placed 4th in preliminaries.

Instrumental Solo: Anh Pham, Fr 5 placed 5th in preliminaries.

Instrumental Group: Jair Gonzales and ANh Pham placed first in preliminaries, second in semi-finals and placed second overall.

Piano Solo: Jenny Nguyen placed 4th in preliminaries.

Dicte’e (dictation in French): There were no preliminaries or semi-finals. Anh Pham placed 6th overall.

Bande Dessine’e (original comic strip in French): There were no preliminaries or semi-finals. Amy Duong, Fr 2 placed 4th, Claire Duon, Fr 4 placed 4th and Anh Pham, Fr 5 placed 2nd.

Vocabulary Test: There were no preliminaries or semi-finals. Anh Pham, Fr 5 placed 3rd out of 51 students.

Civilization Test: There were no preliminaries or semi-finals. Jair Gonzalez, Fr 3 placed 6th out of 220 students and ANh Pham, Fr 5 placed 3rd  out of 51 students.

Scavenger Hunt: There were no preliminaries or semi-finals. The entire KF team placed first.

The following students were just one point away from advancing to the next round: Fr 2: Miracle Williams, Jennifer Sanchez, Elizabeth Ortiz, ReHaab Shahid;  Fr 3: Chantal Grimaldo, Estaben Sanchez, Leslie Landaverde, Jessica Aguilar, Aylin Hernandez, Laila Nafees and Keiry Gomez; Fr 4 Charissa Mathew,Melissa Valdez; Fr 5: Keyz Chester