Moye-Washingting talks about new CTE classroom


Boxes on boxes crammed into a closet. The sun shinned in through wide open windows, seats with unseen faces, Demetria Moye-Wahington, fashion design teacher, prepares for another school year.

After 40 years Klein Forest continues to be a growing project; building communities and leaving legacies. When school opened August 20, students and teachers adjusted to seeing changes including the new CTE building.

“I love the new CTE building compared to my old room [she had for] six or seven years,” Moye-Washington said.

From new floors and green tiled walls to windows, students have a comfortable learning environment. Of course, with that teachers are also building fresh surroundings.

“I love the new windows, having the kids feel inspiration through the nature outside. I also just want the students to feel at home,” Moye-Washington said, as she prepared her classroom with home warming décor.

The new halls bring new journeys within the society. Although teaching in previous years, Moye-Washington takes on a new crossing. From nutrition into fashion, it’s a whole new era of education.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to show kids what fashion is outside of the classroom,” Moye-Washington said.

Through a working progress and latest adjustments teachers, students and the school community all grow together.

“Every day brings a new day for changes,” Moye-Washington said.