Confessions of My Youth

Personal Column by Karishma Pordanderwala, junior

The day has arrived the anticipation nearly ate away with my sanity. August 24. The first day of high school. I break down the day into pieces to make it manageable for me. School is about social groups and today is the day I differentiate my friends from my enemies. Then I figure which classes will be more burdensome than others. It’s time to get back into the flow of getting up before the sun. School is this new responsibility, and willingly I add it to the list.
Education is an asset in today’s society, and it’s imperative to have find myself needing to know more. Wisdom is this beautiful thing I’m ready to gain. I am prepared to soak up knowledge every day, and use it throughout my life. In other words I’m ready for school. It will be a challenge to pay no attention to social expectations and surpass the notion that you must be pretty enough or smart enough to survive.
Walking to my third period class, English AP, I overheard an odd conversation. Which got me thinking maybe it wasn’t odd it all, and maybe it was normal.
“I don’t need school, I mean I already have a job” said voice number one
“Me either, I can work for my dad when I become of age” said voice number two
“School is lame and I rather be home” replied voice number one.
This conversation intrigued me and I glanced back to match the voice number one to a face. It was a girl. She had long black beautiful hair and green eyes that could melt anyone in a matter of seconds. She wore a dress that nearly touched her knee with white sandals to match. Voice number two was a girl as well. She had blond hair and blue eyes. She wore skinny jeans and a navy blue tank top with brown high heels.
How oblivious these girls were to the world was practically palpable. How could someone believe that education was insignificant? Without intelligence how could we expand our knowledge on the world?
Feeling this annoyed sting in my body, I reluctantly find myself walking to my class. School is always been number one on my list. My grades mean everything and i have mentally prepared myself for this since i was old enough to realize I never wanted to be somebody who can’t care from himself, who rely on others for necessities.
My father was a smart man, who allowed his intelligence to be wasted. if he had used his intelligence to his advantage and paid attention to his dropping GPA, then he could have had a better life. If he had went to college then today he would likely be employed. I could chastise him for hours if I thought it would be effective.
When I saw the bleak road he was headed on, I vowed to myself to do better than my father, to use my mind to my favor rather than let myself be hindered. School will help me accomplish this goal. My GPA will continue to increase until I have it high enough to maintain.
“I will not be my father” it sings in my head like a mantra
School is a stepping stone to achieving brilliance. I smile at myself knowing that my future is already moving in a better direction. Though I know this isn’t an easy task, my feet move me forward and I go. I leave my troubled thoughts with my father as he leaves.
I feel the tension in my chest disperse and a calm wave comes over me, and suddenly the bell rings, time to go for now.