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Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

Always keep your eyes open because when you fail to do so, even for a split second, your leg gets caught by a string. Then suddenly



Down…………you go

The only thing your conscience of is falling into the weary abyss. Then, you look up to identify the villain, who has robbed your sanity, and stress stares down at you laughing.

Modern day teenagers take an overload of responsibilities between school and work. As a result of overexerting your body’s limits it causes stress. Stress causes the depression and suicide rates to increase by 30%, according to a website devoted to helping teens, so don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Remember you must take care of yourself first, or no one else will.

“Causes worry or affects your children,” said Kate Mathews, house five secretary.

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. it can be caused by both good and bad experiences. Stress is needy, it will cling to you, attempting to pull you down, but don’t allow such events to occur. Be in charge of your destiny. In order to manage this stress, you must reduce it to a healthy level, one which you can maintain.

“Isolate the cause of your stress and fix it accordingly” said Daniel barber, physics teacher.

This may insinuate that in the process of reducing your stress level, you have to know what causes it. Then you can arrange to eliminate the possible causes. Twenty five percent of teenagers sought out to avoid their stress rather than face it directly, according to For example, if an abundant amount of homework causes your stress level to raise, make sure you do as much as you possibly can while in class or the day you got it, so it doesn’t pile up on you.

“Don’t rely on alcohol, drugs, or food to help deal with stress.” said Zion Lenton, sophomore.

Some teens attempt to find refuge at the bottom of an alcoholic beverage, or an empty bag of chips. Life is not going to accept shortcuts such as those to fall in place. Often mistakes such as these will prove what will come of you. What life has planned for your future. How you deal with stress determines who you will become. For example, if every time a situation bothers you and you run to food in search of comfort, you would be putting your body in harm’s way.

Practice healthy ways to relieve your stress such as exercise, yoga, and reading.