2050 Thinking in Denver


Four Students were selected to compete in Denver at the Nation School board association (NBS).

Kathleen Plott took Lan Tran, freshman, Srey Hak, freshman, Josh Villereal, freshman, and William Martinez, freshman, to show their research, problem solving, and creative skills.

Josh Villerreal, freshman, says, “There was a little turbulence on the way there, but this wasn’t my first time going out of state for a school event” The team of freshman landed in Denver Saturday at noon and were at the convention at two p.m. Villereal says meeting kids from other schools was “unusual, but they were very enthusiastic”. The Klein Forest Team met two teams from Denver and a team from Arizona.

Thinking about the future required “more science than reality”, says, Villereal. The challenge they were given was “Mission to Mars 2050” The challenge description was “It is the year 2050, and Earth- based space exploration programs have established a small colony of people on the planet Mars. There are a number of challenges associated with both the initial exploration and the continued development of the colony.” The team had think about how people would show identification, communicate, come back to earth, power devices, and use monetary transactions.

They presented their information through a skit and informercial. Villeral, says, he ” took charge” during their assignment. “I am a good public speaker and I am experienced in research”, says, Villereal. Teachers and administration all over the nation gathered to see these team reveal their information.

Villeral concludes that  he ” wish we could have used “simpler” terms because we had to think far in the future and use advanced science”. The Klein Forest team came out second place out of the four teams at the convention.