Chucks and Pearls Kicks Off Black History Month


Dr. Cynthia Lyman, assistant principal, organized a group to kick off Black History Month celebrations by  wearing chucks and pearls.

“We wanted to celebrate Kamala Harris  making history by being the first woman, who happens to be a woman of color, to become the vice president of the United States,” Lyman said.

“Kamala Harris is known for wearing her Chucks and pearls; so, women across the nation decided to celebrate with her on inauguration day by wearing their Chucks and pearls,” Lyman said.  “I wanted everyone who wore their Chucks and pearls to take a picture together after school on that day. Unfortunately, only a few of us were able to meet for pictures.  After posting our pictures on Facebook, many faculty and staff expressed how they wished they could have been present for the photo shoot.  I responded that we would definitely have another opportunity for pictures, but I did not know when.  The following week while talking with Coach Fobbs, I shared the idea of everyone wearing their Chucks and pearls to kick off Black History Month…and the rest is history.”

Jason Fojt, associate principal, participated by wearing his chucks.

“The fact that Mr. Fojt wore his Chucks, sans pearls, was great,” Lyman said.  “Klein Forest is a very diverse school, and we celebrate our students’ culture and varied backgrounds.  Those who were able to participate for the photo shoot reflected the diversity that we celebrate.  It just happens that at this moment we were celebrating the contributions of African American women and men that made this country and world a better place.”