Students Shared Their Reaction To Astros’ Win in World Series

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  • “I called it,” (left) senior Isaiah Vazquez said. “I was happy,” (right) junior Andrew Flores said.

  • “I was excited that they won,” (left) senior Genesis Hernandez said. “I was surprised,” (right) senior Angela Menjivar said.

  • “I was happy for them,” (left) junior Keilly Vazquez Mendoza said. “I was glad and proud,” (right) junior Allison Gonzalez said.

  • “I was excited,” (left) Officer M. Mendez said. “I jumped on top of my couch.” “I’m just happy they won the second time in five years,” (middle) junior Juliet Gomez said. “It was incredible.” “I was screaming,” (right) Officer B. Palacios said. “It was great, a great feeling.”

  • “It felt amazing,” junior Luis Garcia said. “It’s cool to see your city’s team sport win a championship after five years.”

  • “I thought the Astros win was well deserved,” junior Leanna Marchuk said.

  • “I love them,” junior Norma Parada said. “I’m so happy they won.”

  • “It was crazy,” senior Karen Garcia said.

  • “It was exciting,” senior Hector Garcia said. “I was over the top with happiness.”

  • “I’m happy they won the World Series,” senior Iris Campos said.