Eagle Extravaganza Exhibits Variety of Student Groups

Student organizations, clubs and electives displayed themselves at the Eagle Extravaganza on January 19th.

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  • Senior Mai Vu holds up a sign-up sheet for BPA, Business Professionals of America, as an interested student writes their name down.

  • Choir student and officers, junior Stephanie Vera, senior Alyssa Santos, and senior Lindsay Sanchez talks to students about the choir set-up and trophies.

  • The band performs a song for the Eagle Extravaganza to rally up students.

  • Junior Richard Ward shakes a student’s hand as he introduces FFA to the interested student.

  • Junior Martha Canas translates in Spanish the sports medicine program for a parent.

  • Senior Ryan Nguyen shows an eighth grade student how to do chest compressions (CPR) on a baby.

  • Junior Sophia Castillo, freshman Evian Johnson, and freshman Randy Angel Martinez spoke to students about their takes on theater.

  • Seniors Julisa Abney and Paulina Olivares stands by culinary’s free samples as sophomore Jordan Johnson asks for a snack.

  • On the far right, senior Elton Crawford-Martin speaks to A’Mya Gibson (junior) and Alexis Stone (junior) about e-sports.

  • Junior Angel Rivas shows senior Jafet Reyes the controls for the bot as an introduction to Robotics.

  • On the left, junior Nikki Nguyen and sophomore Ibrahim Syed (right) hangs up computer science poster for their set-up.

  • Seniors Mai Vu and Cornelia Watts introduces BPA to those interested.