Art Two and Three Artists Uses Clay and Wires For Sculptures

Catherine Ray’s ceramics and sculpture classes created art pieces inspired from different artists and fairy tales. Photos were taken on April 6, 2023.

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  • Senior Betzaida Garcia carefully carves details onto her gnome sculpture.

  • Senior Eliana Caro Rodriguez blows dust off of her ceramic sculpture.

  • Beginning her sculpture, senior Lisset Rodriguez rolls clay with her hands.

  • Freshman Jordan Battaglia molds the clay to start on his clay project.

  • Sophomore Anna Isaula Lanza examines her sculpture before adding more clay.

  • Sophomore Mariana Macias wraps more wire around her sculpture to stabilize it.

  • Picasso’s circus sculpture influenced senior Daisy Medina Romero to sculpt a wire clown of her own. She added more wire onto her wired project.

  • Inspired by Pablo Picasso, senior Kate Medrano decided to make a stick figure for her project.