Horticulture’s Plant Sale

Horticulture held a plant sale that sold student-grown plants at the Greenhouse on April, 28, 2023. They sold a variety of flowers, vegetables, herbs, succulents, and plants that totaled up to $770 in sales.

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  • Senior Valery Robles and sophomore Maricruz Galera lean in to watch sophomore Taylor Kannady’s instructions on how to pay for the plant on School Cash Online.

  • Sophomore Maricruz Galera and senior Valery Robles tries to figure out how to pay for the plant while sophomore Taylor Kannady stands beside them, ready to assist. “It felt natural because of the people there were so polite,” Kannady said.

  • Sophomore Maricruz Galera holds a coleus plant while senior Valery holds a sunflower looking at other plants the sale had to offer. “I have just been wanting to get into getting my own plant and taking care of it,” Galera said. “So it’ll be nice to have something pretty.”

  • Intrigued by the coleus plants, Senior Nelly Ugarte looks on while junior Uriel De Los Santos points to it.

  • Horticulture teacher Heather Szostek points to the sunflowers on the slideshow for junior Arhamah Faisal to see.

  • Having a pepper plant in her hand, junior Arhamah Faisal takes a look at the other plants.

  • Senior Lesly Flores inspects the plants while senior Kathy Gonzalez speaks on the phone with her friend about the plant sale.

  • Seniors Abraham Rodriguez and Abigail Herrera takes an interest in the coleus plant while shopping around.

  • Junior Joseph Huerta carries a potted plant to relocate.

  • Sophomore Leydi Ramirez greets her friend Emily De La Garza, sophomore, to the plant sale with a smile.

  • Sophomore Leydi Ramirez fixes the informational sign for the carrots.

  • A picture of the pea and broccoli plants, with the pumpkin plants in the background.

  • An image of the sweet corn displayed for sale.