Bella Voce Choir Performs At 51st Annual Germanfest

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  • Senior Tamanh Tran and junior Reese Cantu pose with choir director Melanie Gorsalitz.

  • Klein ISD superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown speaks to the Bella Voce choir, giving her thanks for performing at Germanfest for this year.

  • Klein ISD superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown gives a speech at Germanfest, welcoming families to the traditional festival. The Bella Voce choir sang right after.

  • The Bella Voce choir stands as they are being introduced by the head choir director Kristen Luedecke. They waited to perform their two German songs, “Widmung” and “This Is The Zeit.”

  • Head band director Jesse Espinosa plays the trumpet during the faculty band’s performance at the festival.

  • Junior Zowie Jackson and seniors Kayla Washington and Jo Hernandez pet and greet the horse that was at Wunderlich Farms.

  • Seniors Kaitlynn Truksa, Brianna (Reina) Crawford, and Jasmine Guzman hangs out at a table at Germanfest.

  • Sophomores Josselyn Becerra and Kaylee Ventura smile at the camera as they walk out the farm with their friends and family.

  • Sophomores Mai Nicole Sisson and Armillia Harris walk around looking at all the different vendors at the festival.

  • Junior Keera Poole looks down on her phone while at a food vendor. She bought chocolate in a jar.

  • Junior Keera Poole smiles at sophomore Lauren Lopez as they walk up to their friends to talk about Germanfest and vendors.

  • Junior Reese Cantu and seniors Tamanh Tran and Elsie Alanis hangs out at a table where they talk and drink their hot chocolate.

  • Seniors Geraldine Cruz-Hernandez and Kayla Washington hold up a Germany flag they got from the houses. Together, they posed with Jo Hernandez for the picture.

  • Junior Keera Poole, seniors Geraldine Cruz-Hernandez, Jo Hernandez, Kayla Washington, Elsie Alanis, Tamanh Tran and junior Reese Cantu gather together during the festival to talk about the different vendors.

  • A picture taken of all of the vendors that was at Germanfest. They sold food and souvenir items.

Klein ISD held their 51st Annual Germanfest at Wunderlich Farms for the first time on April 28, 2023. The Bella Voce Intermediate Women’s Choir performed two German songs at the festival. 

Wunderlich Farms is a historical museum that showed the way of life of a German family that lived in the Klein area from the years 1890 to 1925. The Germanfest is a Klein ISD tradition that brings the Klein community together to celebrate and honor the deeply rooted German heritage in the district. 

“It was really cool that I was able to do this before I graduated,” choir co-president senior Tamanh Tran said. “Germanfest, for the choirs at least, rotates between the five [high] schools so most people never do it at all. It felt like it was something special.”

Bella Voce had a quick soundcheck before the faculty (teacher) band’s performance. After that, Klein ISD superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown gave a speech, welcoming everybody to the Germanfest. The choir then sang their two German songs, “Widmung” and “This Is The Zeit.”

“I really liked learning a new language and being able to sing it even though I was mispronouncing [some of] it,” sophomore Josselyn Becerra said. “I was still very happy to be able to perform those songs; it was an honor.”

Senior Kaitlynn Truksa said her favorite song out of the two was “Widmung.”

“I felt very nervous about how people are gonna judge us,” Truksa said. “ For ‘Widmung’, I felt very confident, I knew it from my heart and sang it in the shower. It was a good ‘tie’ for my senior year– a good way to end it.”

The choir walked around the farm and explored the history of German heritage as well as traditions that had its roots in the Klein ISD district and area. Students got to listen to the Kuehnle Elementary choir, visit the historical cabins that were built on the farm, learn about the culture, stop by different vendors, and visit some farm animals. 

“My overall experience I’d say that it was fun being able to go with my choir,” Becerra said. “Seeing all these families unite and celebrating their German heritage and being able to explore the different cultures and a culture that I’ve never experienced before was exciting.”