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Few students turnout for Palestine walkout

Joanne Bach
This photo is the dramatization of how the walkout went. There are no candid photos of the Palestine walkout due to the tardy sweep and small amounts of participants.

Students opened Instagram, on Nov. 7, to follow requests and story reposts from the account “@kfhs4change,” which posted about organizing a school walkout in support of the Palestinians in the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

The account’s creator, who spoke on conditions of anonymity due to possible disciplinary action, intended for the walkout to get the attention of the media as well as State and National representatives. It was also to show public disapproval of US support in the conflict, and stand in solidarity with Palestine. The walkout took place at the beginning of fifth period on Nov. 10 with little turnout.

“It wasn’t as effective as I wanted it to be,” the student organizer said. “I feel like people aren’t as emotionally involved because it’s further away. If people were more informed on the topic, then more change could happen.”

The initial post gained 133 likes and 71 comments and the forum showed a variety of student reactions. The majority of the comments expressed disagreement and ridicule.

Commenter sophomore Donna Scanlin believes there should be a walkout for change within the school rather than “something out of our control.” She also said school walkouts would not make a big impact.

“I think there’s nothing we can really do,” Scanlin said. “Like no matter how many schools do a walkout it’s not going to stop what’s happening.”

Although the walkout wasn’t what the student organizer hoped for, they still have future plans for @kfhs4change.

“The account itself, after I’ve given it more thought, I want it to be used for other things like problems in KF with injustices that some certain groups of students might feel,” the student organizer said.

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