My Running Expericence


Sweat runs down my temple to the tip of my chin as I run the usual eight miles during cross country practice. “Come on Brooke, eight miles down two more to go, stay up.” I think to myself. With just two miles to complete my ten mile workout, all I could feel was ice cold water patiently waiting to meet the taste buds on my tongue.

5:00a.m: I stretch over my bed slightly to the right & pound my alarm until it stops beeping the same consistent, loud, annoying beep over and over. I feel like I’ve only slept for 30 minutes as my tired, 85lb body slides to the end of the bed. My size two feet plant on my dark grey carpet as I begin to slowly get up to face the day ahead of me. I reach for the ceiling and let out the biggest yawn, almost louder than Godzilla’s roar. I shuffle to the bathroom and start my morning routine.

5:51a.m: “Bye mom! Love you!” I say as I get my black and brown backpack out of the backseat of our small, dark green Honda. She replies by blowing a kiss toward me. I reach to open the school door and quickly pace my way to the locker room. I put my backpack down, hang my freshly pressed clothes in my locker; put my backpack in my locker and lock it. I take one more quick look in the mirror at my pink athletic tank top as I scan down to my black workout shorts, to my toned thighs, legs and then my orange tightly laced free run 5.0’s.

6:08a.m: I’m feeling a little anxious to know what coach’s workout is for us today as I spread my legs and place my hands on the cold concrete. I walk with my hands to my right foot and hold it for 10 seconds, then I walk my hands over to my left foot and hold it for 10 seconds. “Good morning ladies!” Coach Wylie says in such a bubbly way. “Good morning coach,” the cross country girls and I reply under our breath.

6:16a.m: “Okay! Gather around so I can tell you your workout. We are doing a ten mile run today, we have to get started soon,” Coach said. “Alright. You got this Brooke. You’ve done it once before, you can do it again,” I say to reassure myself. Coach gives us our route to go into Greenwood neighborhood, cross into Fountainhead, take numerous turns, cross the shopping center next to FM1960, go back into Greenwood and return to the school. “That’s 5 miles, so you will have to do that loop twice and it should be 10 miles, “ Coach says as she grabs another runner’s shoulders and lightly presses her fingers into them. “Let’s get started!”

6:20a.m: I grab my white iPhone 5 and shove my headphones into my ears and begin to run. I put on my workout playlist, go into my running app “Map my run”. I press “Begin workout” so it can track my distance & speed as I take a deep breath. I exhale he breath I have taken in, lock my phone, and look forward to the road. I’m in the front, with all my teammates right behind me. 0-100 by Drake drowns out my hard breathing and footsteps as I run onto the street leading into fountainhead.