Sophomore Baseball Plays Against Klein High

The sophomore baseball team played against Klein High on April 19, 2023. The score for the 5 p.m game was 1-22 and the 7 p.m game was 0-18, with Klein High taking the win on both.

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  • While practicing, freshman Jaylen Ross eyes the ball in the air while having his glove ready for a clean catch.

  • With his catcher’s gear ready, freshman Emilliano Rojas catches the ball thrown at him.

  • Preparing for the game, freshman Fernando Vasquez practices on batting.

  • Coming to support his underclassmen, junior Beldon Smith helps them practice with pitching and batting before the game begins.

  • While the sun beams down on him, freshman Fernando Vasquez gets in place and watches the other team get ready.

  • Freshman Francisco Razo gets into position, ready to pitch the ball to his opponent.

  • On the sidelines, freshmen Daniel Gallias and Francisco Razo discuss the possible outcome of their game. They were behind Klein High, but Razo hoped they could have come in the lead somehow.

  • In position, freshman Christopher Fraire-Matamoros anticipates when the ball will come his way.

  • Ready to throw the ball back to the pitcher, freshman Emilliano Rojas signals to him when he’ll throw it.

  • Freshmen Christopher Fraire-Matamoros, Daniel Gallias, and Francisco Razo watch freshman Alexander McGary practice his pitches. They were losing the game, but lightened up the mood by making jokes and laughing together.