Auto Tech Hosts First Ever Car Show


As the temperature drops and the sun begins to set, cars roll into the Klein Forest student parking lot.

“There were at least 70 or 80 cars there,” Debra Nguyen, student, said.

Alongside the cars that participated in the car show for $10, the event was accompanied by various food vendors. “There was Fuddruckers, a Brazilian food truck, a taco stand, and culinary arts was there too.” Nguyen said.

“It was also some people’s first car show,” Nguyen said, “There were different cars. There were crossover cars, new cars, and people who redid cars so it had different parts of a BMW and a jeep.”

By the end of the night, the excitement of participating in car show pulled in more than $1000 in funds.

“My favorite part of the car show was hearing all the revving from the cars.  You could really see how hard people worked on it. It was nice to see how everyone was so proud of their cars.” Nguyen said, “This one car had a really loud engine. It burst my ears like fireworks.”Car