Vet Med Program Expansion

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Stephanie Martinez Patlan (left) and Karla Castillo (right).

The Vet Med Tech 1 program at Klein Forest High School is expanding


Students in this class are beginning their journeys as Veterinarian Medical Technicians.


Students are drawn to the class because of their strong feelings towards animals and are trying to publicize the class more so a practicum class will be available.


“I really love animals,” Karla Castillo, senior, said. “I have three dogs. Two are labradors, and one is a schnauzer.”


Because of her love of animals, Castillo is considering a career in animal science or environmental science.


“As of now, Klein Forest is really teaching me how to take care of animals,” Castillo said. “The teacher (Bobby Hill) knows how to explain the procedure well and makes it easy to understand.”


Procedures offered include bathing, nail clipping, annual shots, worming, depending on what the client wants according to Hill.


According to Castillo, people are talking about the program and bringing in more animals.


“We are growing the program and trying to add additional services at a later date. Like fecal flotation exams for internal parasites. Stuff like that” Hill said.