A Sneak Peek Into Robotics

James Stubblefield’s robotics class divided into teams and created robots to open and close their classroom door. Photos were taken on April 14, 2023.

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  • For the opening and closing mechanism of the robot, senior Preston Tate adds support beams to increase the robot’s height and make it possible to reach the door handle.

  • Senior Preston Tate explains the complex arm mechanism on the robot to junior Angel Rivas and Mr. Stubblefield.

  • Senior Preston Tate screws in a claw onto a new part of his robot.

  • Senior Kelvin Tran helps his teammate junior Angel Rivas make the claw for their robot.

  • Sophomore Ana Isaula sets up the motor on her team’s robot.

  • Setting up the base for her team’s robot, sophomore Ana Isaula attaches bolts for the wheels.

  • Focused on his task, senior Janmarcos Vasquez screws in locks to connect a metal rod to their robot.

  • Sophomore Isai Suarez tests the controls on his robot and looks for any issues.