How to Make a Paper Crane

1. Cut a piece of paper into a square and fold it diagonally.
2. Turn the paper over and fold it horizontally and vertically.
This is the paper folded horizontally and vertically.
3. Turn the paper to the other side and bring the top 3 corners down to the bottom corner. Flatten out the paper. Your paper should look like a diamond.
4. Fold the top triangular flaps to the center and unfold. After that, fold the top of the diamond down and unfold. Make sure to crease well!
5. Open the uppermost flap and press the sides inward.
6. Turn the paper over and repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. Fold the top flaps into the center on both sides.
More of step 7
More of step 7
More of step 7.
8. Fold both “legs” upward and crease them well.
9. Open one of the “legs” and fold it upward along it’s crease. Do the same thing to the other “leg.”
Sit it up.
Open a wing
Open the other wing.
10. Fold down the wings and a small portion of one of the strips to make the head.