Students’ Art Displays At Annual Spring Art Show

The Art Department set up their annual Spring Art Show in the library throughout the week of Mar. 27 through 31. Pieces shown include paintings, drawings, paper mache alebrijes, ceramics, and digital arts.

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  • Top left drawing created by junior Manuel Ayala. Bottom left is an award winning cow painting by senior Loan Ha. The painting on the right is a self-portrait by junior Jaime Villarreal.

  • Shown on the left is junior Marco Loredo Guerrero’s painting of art teacher Richard Cartaxo. On the right, senior Vanessa Medina’s painting which displays a self portrait portraying different emotions.

  • Senior Melanie Cardona’s digital art work named “Anna” displayed on the left. From the right’s top to bottom, juniors Dan Patten and Binh Le, and sophomore Marisol Garcia Zapata scratchboards.

  • The left side of the panel shows junior Uriel De Los Santos award winning rodeo piece and another painting he submitted for VASE competition. On the right, sophomore Lourdes Solano’s painting “Ser O No Ser.” Below Solano’s painting are the Art One’s cardboard name project.

  • With colorful aesthetics, freshman Alyssa Castro drew up “Silly Little Brother” on the left side. On the right, sophomore Debora Coronado illustrates “New Years Kiss.”

  • On the left shows sophomore Marisol Garcia Zapata’s “Pen and Ink” drawing. Senior Jonathan Brown’s digital portrait is shown on the right and is named, “Of Midnight and Soft Haze Through.”

  • Chelsea Stamps, junior, paints a self-portrait displaying a colorful ocean-mountain scenery in the background.

  • Senior Zachary Truksa’s digital art piece named, “The Space Between Us.”

  • Senior Fatima Ramirez’s panel at the art show displays her two paintings. Top piece is called, “Hat and Bluebonnets.” The bottom piece depicts an egg piecing itself together and is named, “Triumph.” It is a piece that represents emotions.

  • Josephine Veneracion, senior, draws her piece “Serenity” digitally and is shown through the Spring Art Show.

  • Inspired by Valentines Day and her fears, senior Nyta Prom paints, “Peek-A-Boo” for her AP Art Portfolio. Currently, it is her favorite painting.

  • Shown at the very top is senior Ashley Apel’s cow drawing that won a blue ribbon Award of Excellence. Junior Claudia Ramos paints a heart with roots and flowers growing from it. Beside Ramos’ painting is a self portrait done by an Art One student. On the next panel, is senior David Contreras’ drawing.

  • Tierra Pruitt displays 90’s icons in her painting.

  • Junior Daniella Ramirez Hernandez’s drawing is shown on the left. Right side shows freshman Hannah Nguyen’s drawing of lion dancing.

  • Kim Nguyen, senior, has her own panel for the spring art show. Shown are a variety of drawings, paintings, and a 3d piece, that represent her journey as an aspiring artist.

  • Freshman Skylar Dinh’s self portrait piece from Art One assignment.

  • Junior Emillie Siv’s painting called “Morally Grey” posted at the Spring Art Show. She depicts the scales of justice with hands looming over the contrasting subjects, carrying through with the morally grey concept.

  • Junior Xavier LaCarter’s photography piece exhibits a 70s look with funky patterns.

  • Freshman Tristine Nguyen drew her “Crash Landing” piece for the Houston Rodeo. She was awarded a red ribbon Award of Excellence.

  • Senior Alex Diaz earned a white ribbon on his “Rebirth on the Plains” art piece at the Houston Rodeo.

  • Sophomore Davis Collins earned a blue ribbon at the Houston Rodeo for his “Reclaimed by Nature” artwork.

  • Awarded a red ribbon at the Houston Rodeo, junior Jade Zepeda drew a cow and named the art work, “Big Sniff.”

  • Ceramics displayed at art show created by Ceramics Two and Three classes.

  • Students crafted animal paper mache alebrijes.

  • Students crafted animal paper mache alebrijes.